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Monday, 26 July 2010

Sport in Australia

What's going on in Australia at the moment? Well, Julia Gillard did the dirty on Kevin Rudd (What would you expect from a girl from Barry) and now she is fighting it out with Tony Abbot to be the next legitimate Prime Minister. For those who don't know him, he is my local MP (or equivalent) and is famous for competing in triathlons wearing speedos or "Budgie Smugglers" as they are described so aptly. Far more important to the Australian public than the outcome of the election though was the outcome of Masterchef last night. Hannah and I tuned in to watch two hours of some really good cooking and the crowning of Adam as this year's top Australian amateur cook.
We have now been in Australia for almost nine months and are halfway through the winter and this is where things are getting mundane. We are making less effort to go to the beach and enjoy the experience of being in Australia and there are less "new things to do." We are beginning to miss people and wonder if we made the right decision, it almost feels like we are getting into a rut again and owning our own home doesn't feel like something we can take for granted anymore.