The story so far

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A History of Australian and Korean BBQs

It’s interesting. I started off in Australia telling myself that life here was great and at some point this positive frame of mind eroded until all I could see was the negative. My last blog article gave me the chance to confront this and convinced me that the negative effect on my health was largely due to my state of mind although mould, damp and excessive consumption of beer probably also contributed.

With these thoughts, for the past six weeks, I’ve been trying to climb out of the mental hole I have fallen into and look on the positive. At last, it seems to be working. I’m beginning to feel a bit better, I can see a number of steps which we will take to improve our quality of life and I’m becoming more and more interested in the various projects I am getting at work.

With this new found positivity, I am beginning to feel better, less lethargic and happier more of the time. If I can feel this way now, just imagine how happy I will be when we are living in a real house and Hannah has finished her course and is able to devote some of her time to the family again.

News and Photos

I'm just about to post a longer arrticle, but here are a few photos which depict a few things we've been doing recently: