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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

News and Photos

I'm just about to post a longer arrticle, but here are a few photos which depict a few things we've been doing recently:

We went with Dave and Tom on the monorail for the day last month and Dave and I shared a few nice beers at James Squires in Darling Harbour.  On the ferry on the way home, The kids skipped backwards and forwards across the "Ferry Bridge" while their dad took photos and eclpised the setting sun.

Zoe takes the applause after her French play, which I was proud to have seen during here assembly two weeks ago.  They say french films are a bit off-the-wall.  Well this one did not disappoint.

Tom, Zoe and Esme At James Squires in Darling Harbour.

The monorail day was framed by a Pirate Treasure Hunt.  Esme, Tom and Zoe look like right little pirates.

Esme eating cheese (For breakfast.)

Zoe and Esme driving a bulldozer.  Zoe had just been clay pigeon shooting (That's a joke)

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