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Tuesday, 25 August 2009


A while ago, I think about two years, Hannah and I, while on holiday in Devon realised that our life was not what we wanted it to be. Why can I only surf three times a year? Why can Hannah not wear flip-flops (Thongs!) all year round?

We thought about a move to Devon, but are there any jobs in Devon? We'd been to Australia a couple of times to meet Hannah's step familiy - the sons, daughters, cousings, sisters and even ex-husbands of her (wicked?) Austalian step mother Sue. We liked the Aussies and their attitude to life. Of course we had only been there twice and those times we had plenty of money to spend and everyone was on holiday.

Hannah suggested it soon after our return from Devon and far be it for me to refuse a challenge. Hannah started visa procedings immediately and we began the 15 month process of work assessments, health and police checks and form filling on a scale you have never seen before. I left all that to Hannah, but even my pen finger was sore just signing things.

We sold our house on the way down but somewhere near the top of the market, we moved into a rented place for a year and told ourselves we would cut back and save for a year. We kind of did as well, although we never really went without.

When we got the visas in January everything became real. We started to think about what we would do with our belongings, where we would live and work. It sounds fun writing it down, but really it is stressful and emotionally draining. We will be leaving behind friends and family, good jobs and taking a step into the unknown. I don't feel brave as many people say we are, more I feel that we have to do this now because if you don't do things like this in life, you probably get to the end and wonder about all the missed adventures. It has been hell though - I have been constantly living on not enough sleep, trying to manage a full time job with the not-inconsequential activity of decluttering the cr*p we have accumulated over the last 15 years.

Recently though it has been liberating. We are now living from three large suitcases, the back of my car is full of possession which I think I can get something for on eBay and we have very little to tie us down. I leave my job on October 23rd, Hannah has already finished hers. on 25th October, we will leave and then I will be completely free of any responsibility and virtually free of possessions - at least for a couple of months until the necessities of life force me back to reality. Still I am looking forwards to a mental break I really need.

We moved out of our rented house on 14th August. The shipping company, John Masons, collected all our more treasured possessions on 10th Aug and we followed that with an eBay, Gumtree and Freecycle fest. We didn't make much money so I hope we can get some bits and pieces on freecycle Australia.

The pound is getting weaker against the dollar, we are holding off on making any exchanges. It was 2.5 to the pound this time last year, now it is 1.96.

Zoe and Esme are a bit unsettled with all the upheaval. They are not getting to spend much time with their Mum and Dad as we are busy all the time. Below they are having some fun on the swings at Highnam park.

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  1. excellent blogs nick, you have a growing following but it is difficult to work out how to comment.

  2. which of course is ridiculous because I just have.

  3. Spot on with the Aussies Nick. You creep - just so they continue to welcome you with open arms (and plenty of beer)! Do wear the T shirt - they would and they will love it - any excuse to take the p... I spoke with Tim yesterday (it was Laura's birthday and he was at Coffs). He is so keen for you guys to go to Putty again - even if it is to help him fix up the 18 hole golf course.

  4. Thanks for all your comments Sue. Tim and Kathy are definately on our list of people to visit, even if I can't keep up with the pace of drinking and working!