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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Esme's christmas list

Getting ready for Christmas in the sun and with the absence of cold weather, early evenings and snow/sleet/rain is something which we are not really concerned with.  However, we have been encouraging the girls to think about Christmas as we will be spending it with family who are well used to preparing for the festive season in 35 degree heat.

Anyway, this is a very quick post because I asked the two girls what they wanted for Christmas yesterday and Esme's list might take a bit of time to get together.  She assures me that her top presents would be:

  • Dressing up fairy clothes
  • Two cheesy things, one pink, one big
  • A Fluffy toy lamb
  • A Pink thing
  • New pretend cheese
  • Real Cheese
  • A thing we had in our old house which was old
  • 3 cheeses in total so another real cheese please
Zoe's list is more conventional so I will send this out later

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