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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Shankar Presents......

Shankar is a colleague at Detica and a friend. The most notable thing about Shankar is his cultural appreciation and his love of the finer things in life.

Since Shankar is an avid reader, I asked him to provide me with a list of his favourite books which I could read as I take it easy on the way to Australia. Shankar did such a good job of this, I have decided to make a feature of it and have asked Shankar to present his ideas on good food, music, places to visit and anything else he feels able to share.

Shankar Presents his top ten books

This all looks a bit classical and highbrow to me, but then, Shankar is the cultural genius.  I will try my best to get through the 4 inch thick Suitable Boy he gave me as a gift recently and let you know what I think.  Thanks Shankar!

My all time favourites – Top 10:
  • A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth - This epic novel took me 3 months and 27 days to finish (I have noted down the dates). A wonderful and poignant story set in India.
  • Pride and Prejudice/Catch 22/ Charlotte Bronte (best classic read among others that I'm sure you've read)
  • Life of Pi by Canadian author Yann Martel
  • Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
  • One flew over the cuckoos nest by Ken Kasey (another classic)
  • A confederacy of the dunces (this is fantastic – a must read!!)
  • A Fine Balance, Such a Long Journey and Family Matters - all by Rohinton Mistry - All three books are superb and is worth a second read.
  • The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga
  • God of small things by Arundathi Roy
  • An Equal Music by Vikram Seth


  1. An awesome list. How many have you read already Nick? Catch 22 is fantastic, not many novels give a new concept to us. Life of Pi is wonderful too. On flew over the cuckoos nest is a must read for all who are interested in the politics of pyschiatry. We have the Seth set but I will now set about reading them. Thanks to Shankar. Now we need his ten best pictures, films, classical music and pop albums.

  2. Thanks Nick - I am glad you made me a star, albeit briefly, on your blog. My wife and I enjoyed reading your blog, particularly the subtle irony and humour in your writing. I'd be delighted to share my thoughts on good food, music, travel, books and of course all the finer things in life worth standing and staring while the world goes by - Shankar

  3. I'm looking forward to Shankar's next list. I may not be able to wait for the next blog entry though...I'll tackle him in the Hilton. We could discuss the 10 best hotels in Newbury, but we probably won't.